Free Website Builders – The Good And The Bad

When you're starting your business, one of the first things you think about is your website. How can you get a website that you can afford, looks great, and inspires your visitors?  If your website looks unprofessional, it's an immediate turn-off. On the other hand, hiring a web development agency can cost thousands of dollars to build and even more to maintain. Here are some things to consider for your busin

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What is lead generation?

What Is Lead Generation?

Everybody running a business and trying to sell something wants and needs leads. In other words, you need some way to get in touch with people who are interested in your products and services. A lead is a person who is at least somewhat interested in what you're selling. They are shopping around for the type of product you are selling and you want the opportunity to connect with them to see if, perhaps, they might buy from you and become your customer. So, naturally, generating leads is a really big deal for anyone running a business. So, let's look at some ideas for how you can generate leads online through your website.

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What is a landing page?

What Is A Landing Page?

We saw that in the battle of email vs. social media, email wins by a mile.  After seeing how powerful email can be for winning fans and customers, we took a look at the best email marketing services for writers. Now, let's get into how to actually use all this stuff. Don't worry, we're not jumping into a deep techno-tutorial. We've got video tutorials for email marketing if you want to learn the details on how to set everything up. Right now, let's talk about what you actually need to do if you want to grow your email list. It all starts with creating a landing page.

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The #1 Thing Authors Must Do To Sell Books

The most important thing for authors - especially self-published authors - to do is grow an email list. OK... so how do you do that? How do you build an email list? Before we get into how, first let's talk about why because once you see how important email is you will have the motivation to set up and grow your own email list. So, let's compare email to social media, shall we?

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How To Blog For Your Online Business

How To Use Your WordPress Blog To Grow Your Online Business

Let's take a look at a bunch of ways you can use a WordPress blog to grow your online business. In addition, we'll go over some reasons why blogging should really be an integral part of your overall marketing plan. Blogs provide content that can be repurposed in multiple different ways. After you have been posting to your blog for some time, you will have a good amount of rich content at some point. All of this good information can be used in various ways.

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The Importance Of A WordPress Website For Your Online Business

You made the decision to turn your dreams into reality. You're loving the freedom of working from home, and your wondering how to start growing your business online. But how do you created a small business website? You don't want to get locked in to expensive web development agency.  You don't have a fortune to spend on your website. You want to be smart with your money so you can launch and grow your business. Here are several ideas to help you successfully launch and grow your online business and it all revolves around having your own WordPress website. 

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How to give your business website a personality

Give Your WordPress Website a Personality

Just like each human being has a personality, so does every website. It might not be something you have ever considered, or put into words, but it is certainly the truth. Why are some of these websites more popular than others in the same business? Why do visitors create more comments on one particular site more than others? The reason lies in the personality of the website.

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