Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?

The goal is to help you succeed at running your business. So, when you become a WPStore owner we’ll help you learn how to work with your website, manage your store, and market your business.

All WPStores are built on WordPress. We’ll show you how to work with your website pages, your site navigation, and your blog. The goal of our support is to empower you to maintain your own website by providing education and support.

Ecommerce Support
You will be set up with your own Cart66 account. Cart66 has been around since 2009 and was one of the first and most powerful ecommerce systems for WordPress. We’ll help you set up your products and services and show you how to manage all of the aspects of your online store.

Email Marketing
Email is the best way to drive traffic and create sales for your website. We will connect your WordPress site to Mad Mimi for email marketing and show you how to send Newsletters as well as Drip Campaigns. We’ll help you set up email automation and create sales funnels to grow your business.

Note: We currently only support Mad Mimi for email marketing.

Web Hosting
We will set up your website on a managed WordPress hosting account that includes:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Nightly backups
  • WordPress upgrades
  • Hacker-free security
  • Blazing fast speeds

We’ll also help you reserve and configure your domain name.

What happens when I place my order?

Setup Your Website and Ecommerce Platform
When you order your WPStores website, we will set up your WordPress site with the design you selected including all of the sample content. We will also install and configure your Cart66 ecommerce account. 

Live Training
You will then receive an email to schedule your live training session. You will get a tour of your new website and will learn how to update pages, add/edit products, and manage your online business. The training session will last about 45 minutes.

Online Video Lessons
In addition to your live training session you will also get access to an extensive library of video tutorials that you can reference that cover everything we go over in your training session and more.

How long does it take to get my website?

If you place your order during business hours, we will set up your WordPress site with the design you selected within 24 hours. Otherwise, your site will be set up the next business day.

Once your site is set up, we’ll schedule your live video walk through to show you how you how to work with your new website and also how to access your library of tutorials.

After that, you add your content to your website. You will probably  customizing your several days updating your website before going live. Of course, we’re hear to help. So if you get stuck on anything just let us know.

What does the setup and training fee cover?

The one-time setup and training fee covers:

  • Installing WordPress on our secure, managed hosting platform
  • Setting up the site design you select for your business
  • Connecting and configuring your Cart66 ecommerce platform
  • Live video walk through of your website (about 1 hour)
  • Access to over 5.5 hours of video tutorials
  • Answering any questions you might have about your new online business. =)
Will my website look exactly like everyone else’s site?

No. Picking your site design and layout is just the first step in the process. Once you add your own products, photos, and content, your website will be your own unique creation. Also, we continue to develop new site designs all the time so there’s always fresh layouts to pick from.

What types of products can I sell?

Almost Anything
You can sell virtually any type of product you can think of including physical products, digital products, memberships, and subscriptions. You can even sell access to premium content on your website. You can sell physical products on a subscription – like vitamins, printer ink, and air conditioner filters. 

Prohibited Businesses
We do not support adult oriented, age restricted, pornographic, or sexually explicit content. Content that degrades, insults, or threatens people is prohibited. Any business that engages in negative marketing, drugs, drug paraphernalia, illegal services or products, online gambling, lotteries, spam, phishing, or intentionally misleading practices will not be allowed. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone based on our sole discretion. 

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or early termination fees. Everything is month-to-month. 

Will you host my email account?

No. We recommend G Suite for email hosting because the price is very reasonable, you get great customer support from Google and you get access to all the Google services for your business such as your own YouTube channel (great for video marketing), Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc. 

We do not host business or personal email accounts. We can help you get set up with G Suite, Google’s email service for businesses (which we use) or FastMail. Both G Suite and FastMail are awesome for hosting your email. 


Do you have a free trial?

WPStores is all about hands-on, personal teaching and support. We set up your website, and get everything configured just for you. Then we connect with you for a live video walk through so you understand how to use everything. Since we put so much personalized effort into getting you up and running, WPStores does not have a free trial.

If you want to look around the ecommerce system, there is a 14-day free trial for Cart66. Feel free to start setting things up, we can use your existing Cart66 account with WPStores.

Can I get a refund?

Setting up a WPStore site involves a fair amount of work for us as we install and configure your website and connect everything together. Therefore we do not offer refunds.

If you want to know more about how everything works and what to expect, you are welcome to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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Can I call you to talk about this?

Sure! We’d love to meet you and talk about your business. Please schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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