Designing Your Homepage (part 2)

Let’s take a look at creating lists, adding images, and working with customer testimonials. The Make Theme has some really nice built-in features for all of these things.

The Big Picture

In this example from Fit Band, we’ll be looking at how you can add lists with nice checkmark icons (or any other icon), images in the content area, and testimonials.

One thing you will notice on the Fit Band website is the Get Your Free Poster email sign up form. We call these lead magnets. It is a technique for quickly growing your email list by giving a way something of value in exchange for an email address. We will have an entire course on email marketing, so we won’t go into all of that here. Right now we’re working on building your website and working with the page layout. So let’s take a look at how to make lists with fancy icons as the bullets.

Making Lists

It all starts with adding a Content section like we did in Part One of Designing Your Homepage. You can have as many columns in your content section as you’d like. This technique works in the context of any editor.

First, write out a basic bulleted lists by clicking the bullets icon and then typing in a few list items.

Now that you have your list, make sure your cursor is somewhere in the list and click the + Format Builder button.

Now pick the icon you want and the color that you’d like the icon to be.

And that’s all there is to creating a really nicely styled list.

Add Images

We already looked at how you can create banner sections and slideshows. But you can also add images anywhere in any content area. Start by placing your cursor in the editor where you want the image to go, then click the Add Media button. Select the image you want and it will show up where your cursor is. In the Fit Band example, the middle column contains only a single image.


Like lists, the Make Theme provides some styling for customer testimonials. From a Content section click to edit the content of one of your columns. Type in the customer testimonial. Then, with your cursor somewhere within the text of your testimonial (or if it’s multiple paragraphs you can use your mouse to select the text) click the Formats drop down menu. Then select Testimonial.

The testimonial will get a gray background. Note that the entire content area does not have to be part of the testimonial. For example, we include the customer’s name and age outside of the testimonial block.

In the Fit Band example, there is a Content section with 3 columns. Each column contains 1 testimonial.


Between this lesson and part one of Designing Your Homepage we have covered how to create all of the different types of content on the Fit Band homepage. You can pick the features you like the most for your homepage. Get creative with how you add the different sections. The Content sections can be especially exciting because you can change how many columns of content to display, you can set background colors, or even use a background image behind the content section. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

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