Setting Up Your Blog

Setting up your blog to look really nice is very easy with the make theme and the Posts List page builder tool. In this quick lesson we’ll take a look at setting up your blog with a clean, two-column layout and featured images.

Posts List Section

Open up the WordPress dashboard and head over to your Blog page.

Now add a Posts List section to your page.

The only change you’ll probably want to make is to show all your posts. To do that, set the Number to show value to -1.

Now your posts will show up on your blog page like this.

The More Tag

You probably do not want to show the content of your entire blog post on your blog page. Instead, you just want to show a teaser – a little preview of what the post is about. That’s exactly what the More Tag is for. The More Tag sets the limit for how much of your blog posts shows up on your post listing. All the rest of the content is reserved for the blog post itself. To use the More Tag, simply pace your cursor where you want the More Tag to go. This is usually after the first little paragraph of content on your blog post. Then click the More Tag icon.

The Excerpt

Alternatively, rather than showing the first few sentences of your post, you can provide content that is totally separate from your blog post as the excerpt that is shown on your posts listing. To do that, simply provide an Excerpt for your post.

If you don’t see the Excerpt field on the page editor, you may need to click the Screen Options tab and enable it.

Then you will see the excerpt field on the page editor.

Whether you use the Excerpt or the More Tag, you will have a nice presentation of your blog posts.

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