Your Site Footer

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the footer. We’ll cover the different layout options that are available. We’ll also talk about a few different ideas for how you can use your footer effectively on your website.

The Footer

The bottom part of the page is the footer. The footer shows up at the bottom of every page and blog post of your entire website. The footer can contain up to 4 widget areas. A widget area is very similar to a column in a Content section. It’s essentially a square where you can put some content.

Some creative ways to use your footer include:

  • Adding a newsletter sign up form
  • Sharing a “Did You Know” tip that links to a blog post
  • Listing your physical address and hours of operation
  • Adding a footer menu with less popular pages (terms of service, privacy policy, etc)
  • Listing recent blog posts
  • Posting more customer testimonials
  • Linking to your affiliate program
  • Listing your social media icons

How Many Widget Sections Do You Want

When designing your footer, you first decide how many widget sections you want. Open up the customizer and navigate to Layout > Footer.


These are the settings available for configuring your footer. In the Fit Band website we selected 3 Widget Areas and a Traditional Footer Layout. Notice also that the Show social icons option is selected. You can adjust the size of the social icons by sliding the slider at the bottom or just by typing in the size in pixels for your social media icons in your footer. Not that this does not affect the visibility or size of the social icons in the header section of your website.

Adding Widgets To The Footer

After saving your settings for the footer, go back to the customizer and navigate over to Sidebars & Widgets.


You will see the 3 footer widget areas. Click on Footer 1 to put some content into that widget area.

For the Fit Bit website, we used a Text widget to display the mailing address and a link to the contact form. We also used another Text widget in Footer 3 to display a Did You Know question that links to a blog post. The middle footer area, Footer 2, holds the Recent Posts widget showing a few of our latest blog posts.

Effective Ways To Use Your Footer

Here are a few other widgets you might like to use in your footer:

  • Recent posts
  • Categories (if you have a blog with posts in multiple categories)
  • Navigation Menu (if you want to include a footer navigation menu for pages like Terms of Service)
  • Posts List (Make provides another way to show recent posts but adds additional ways to filter what gets shown)
  • Search (you might want a search box in the footer)
  • Genesis – eNews Extended (this is a plugin for adding an email sign up form – we’ll cover that in our email marketing course)

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