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Now that you have created multiple products, it is time to display those products on your website so people can shop your store and buy your products. We will be adding products to your Shop page and creating a Featured Products section called Get The Gear for your homepage.

Creating Product Categories

Cart66 comes with a shortcode to display a listing of your products. You can display all of your products in one comprehensive product catalog. You can also create lists – or catalogs – of products that only includes products from a certain product category. So, for example, if you sold watches, you could list Men’s Watches separately from Women’s Watches. You can also set up a product category called Featured so that you can display a list of featured products.

To create your product categories, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate over to Products > Product Categories.

Type in the Name and the Slug for the product category you want to create and click Add New Category. The Slug is the URL friendly version of the category name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens (no spaces).

You can create as many product categories as you would like. Products can be assigned to multiple categories, so create a category called Featured and we’ll assign products to that category when you want to display them as part of your featured products listing.

Assigning Products To Categories

Once you have created your product categories, you can assign products to the categories. To assign a product to a product category, click to edit a product by navigating to Products > All Products and click to edit the product you want to work with. Then click the product categories you want to use for the product. Then click the Update button to save your changes.

Featured Products

To create your Featured Products area on the homepage, navigate to the Pages > All Pages  then click on the Home page. This is one of those things that might be easier to watch in the video above than to read through. But basically, all you need to do is click to add a new Content section to your home page and drag-and-drop the new Content section to the location where you want it to be on your home page.

Then, set the content section to have one column and delete the two extra items so you are left with one column and one content area in the column. You may find it helpful to collapse the sections so you can more easily drag-and-drop sections up and down the page.

The Product Catalog Shortcode

Cart66 has a product catalog shortcode that will list products on your website. You can either list all of your products or you can filter the list and only display products from one product category. In the case of creating a featured products area for your homepage, we only want to show products in the Featured category. The shortcode looks like this.

You can find all the details on how to use the product catalog shortcode in the Cart66 knowledge base. You can sort the products alphabetically, by menu order, or by price. You can show one, several, or all your product categories in your list. So there’s lots of ways to use the product catalog shortcode.

The max value is the number of products to list “per page” of your catalog. We want to display a maximum of 3 products in our featured products section so we set the max to 3.

This is what the section will look like when you’re finished.

After making those updates click the Update button to save your changes. Now go look at your homepage and this is how the Get The Gear section should look.

The Shop Page

We will do a very similar thing on the Shop page to display a product catalog of all your products. This will work just like the featured products section but we will not limit the product list to just the featured category. Instead, we will show all of the products.

To do this, jump back into your WordPress admin dashboard and edit the Shop page. Add a content section with one column. Delete the unused content sections. Then click to edit the last remaining content section and add this shortcode.

You do not have to specify any product categories or a max value. You can just use all the default settings which will show all of your products and list six products per “page” of the catalog. If you have more than six products you will see Next and Previous links to you can click to the next “page” of products just like you click through to the second page of Google search results.

Adding Products To The Navigation Menu

This is another section that is probably easier to watch than read. So watch the video above for the details on how to add the products to your site navigation.

Button Color Options

You can change the color of the buttons on your product order forms. Sign in to your Cart66 Cloud dashboard and head over to the Customize > Product Forms screen.

From here you will see all kinds of options for your button colors. You can pick from a few pre-defined button colors or you can specify your own button color as a hex value. Likewise, you can also set the font color for the text on the buttons. Lastly, you can control the size of the buttons as well. After you make the changes, be sure to click the Save Settings button to save your new button configuration.

Now, when you go to your website and look at your products, you will see the new button colors.




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