Page Builder Tools


In this series of tutorials we’ll take a look at all of the different tools you can use to layout the content on your posts and pages. With the page builder tools you can build virtually any page layout without writing any code. 

Think of your page layout as being divided into horizontal stripes that stretch across the entire width of your page. These horizontal stripes are called sections. Sections can be divided into up to 6 different columns of content, or you can fill the sections with images or even lists of your blog posts. 

6 lessons

Content Sections

Before we look at all the details of changing fonts, colors, and your site’s overall layout, let’s create some pages to work with. In this tutorial we’ll look at how to create a web page and the various ways you can structure the content. Learn More

Banner Sections

Let’s look at how you can add banners and sliders to your pages. Banner sections add a really nice visual appeal to a page. A banner section only needs one image, or you can add multiple images to create a slider. Learn More

Gallery Section

The gallery section lets you set up a masonry image layout where each image can link to a page of your site. You can set it up to display custom text when you hover your mouse over the images. Some excellent uses for gallery sections are Meet The Team pages where you have a picture of each person on your team as well as showcasing a portfolio of your work. Learn More

Panels Section

Panels offer a great way to organize long pages in a compact and easy to navigate way. Panels can be very helpful for things like a long list of frequently asked questions, terms of service, or organizing lists of helpful resources. Learn More

Posts List

Posts lists let you display a certain group of your posts on a page. You can show featured images, organize posts in multiple columns, and create a really nice presentation for your content. This is also great way to display a category of premium posts on a member’s only page. Learn More

Master and Draft Sections

Master sections let you update duplicates of the same section in place — great for contact forms and call-to-actions. The Draft mode lets you hide a section from your visitors while you are editing the section. Draft sections are perfect for sales and events and other content that you only intend to show temporarily on your site. Learn More